Roast Fork - Solid Lucite Handle - Limited Series 30 Units

Roast Fork - Solid Lucite Handle - Limited Series 30 Units

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Introducing the Roast Fork. This piece is intended to be used along the Roast Knife, therefore we decided to use the same color material.

We again salvaged some vintage material from an incredibly dusty storage unit in the back of Andrea's factory, and while the color of this slab of lucite was a bit dull and results hard to predict, we were stunned by the color hue that we were able to obtain with the proper polishing. We all agreed that this knife too is destined to become a collectable!

Two handles are available: one traditional riveted and more elegant handle, and a solid one, a tad more masculine and aggressive, designed with a slightly larger grip in mind. Both knives carry the same measure stainless steel blade (over 0.40% carbon).

In total and absolute respect of Berti’s tradition, each knife is built by a single Artisan. There is no assembly line at Andrea’s factory, and once a blade is laser cut to measure, one and only one specialist will be in charge of actually bringing a knife to its completion. At the end of that process, whatever the knife is, the Artisan will mark the blade with his initials! There are only two master knife makers at Andrea’s company!!!

We all would be incredibly honored if you decided to own one of our creations!!!


- While we expect, based on the measurements of the piece of lucite we have chosen to work with, to be able to produce 30 riveted and 30 solid handles, it is always possible, due to the nature of the material we are working with, to incur in breakage or splintering during the cutting process. If your order does not get fulfilled because not enough material was available, you will be able to either ask for a refund, or transfer your payment toward our next design (of the same value).

- SHIPPING. Each purchase will be shipped via DHL. We have arranged fixed prices per each continent for shipping and custom taxes regardless of your zip code.